Sell Your Brass

We’re Buying Brass, but Only the Best

Got some Once-Fired Brass you want to trade or sell? Tell us more, but please keep in mind that we’re very picky. We buy only the best Once-Fired Brass, because we’ll sell our customers nothing less.

Your Brass Must:

  • Be once fired
  • Not be corroded or overly dirty
  • Be reloadable (No Berdan Primed Casings)

Our Brass Selling Process

  1. First, we agree upon price, shipping, etc.
  2. Next you’ll ship the brass to us.
  3. We receive the brass and inspect it. We examine brass thoroughly, so this may take us up to 3 days.
  4. If we accept the brass, we’ll then transfer payment to you.

Escrow services add 3.25% ($25.00 Minimum.)

Ready to get negotiations started? Give us a call at 844-230-1911 or contact us here.