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Our customers love our reloading supplies. Check out what they’ve got to say about our products here.

“Thank you for the update on the brass order, I received it today (17 Mar) in great condition. I have to say this is by far the best brass I have bought, the polish job is beautiful and easy to deprime. Thanks for the great service and product, I will be purchasing from you again.” – 03/18/18

“First you guys are one of my very favorite people to get stuff from. You are fast, accurate, priced great, and you do exactly what you say you do! ” – 11/15/17

“Please keep up the good work and service you provide. I found 0 damaged brass in the 45’s. There were 17 small and or military crimped brass. I still wound up with 23 extra primed brass over the thousand. I’ve bought once fired brass from several sources in the past and for the money your’s is the best hands down. I love to shoot and enjoy handloading as a hobby also. To say that I’m pleased with our first transaction would be an understatement. I will have to look for my brass needs at your site first in the future. I’ll be ordering more from you in the future for sure. ” – 12/6/16

“Thank you Elite for the perfect order, I has been a pleasure doing business with you twice now. Please continue to offer the amazing service and competitive pricing. I will be a repeat customer for all my reloading needs. Thanks again!”10/21/16

“I am very impressed with the quality of the brass. I will be ordering again. Thank you!” – 02/18/16

“I had emailed you a few months ago about some .223 brass I thought was damaged before shipping. I was wrong. Turns out I caused the damage myself by not properly lubing the case necks. Your product it in fact, top notch. I will continue to order from you again. Again, I’m sorry for thinking it was your product.” – 02/11/16

“I received [my] order last week for 1000 pieces of large primer, nickel, 45ACP brass. Just a note to say that it ran very well. Perfectly sorted and no rejects. Thanks for a job well done. ” – 10/18/15

” That is great customer service, thank you. You went above and beyond, I look forward to doing more business with you soon.” – 08/17/15

“Honestly, I am speechless. You just took your business to another level, also the best customer service and attention and I think this will be the fact that will make you superior to other brass companies out there. I am so grateful for the attention and care that I have received and will come back again and again. Thank you and I am a very happy customer.” – 04/30/15

“Just received my order of 2,500 once fired 9mm brass. I’m impressed to say the least. Best quality once fired brass I have ever purchased.” – 03/06/15

“Thank you very much, in a world that now seems more often than not tell a customer to take a hike or deal with it, it is refreshing to not only see somebody that stands behind their service but actually conveys perks when there is a slight error in events. Thanks again – 02/14/14

“I love your company a million times more than other reloading companies I’ve purchased from. you’re the best ever!” – 02/05/14

“I’ve ordered again from your company, the brass is great! No, I don’t count to be sure I got 500, or 1000, but strange to me how I have more cases left after loading what I know to be a good count on my bullets. Thanks, guys, you’re on the customers’ side!” – 01/22/14

“I’m a first time customer and after my experience, it won’t be the last! I ordered 2,000 .38 special brass …. Got exactly what I was hoping for, timely, and at a fair price – can’t ask for much more! Thanks for a great experience ….” – 11/14/13

“Just wanted to let y’all know I think y’all do a great job with shipping, very quick and that is very much appreciated. The .223
restrike bullets performed well and I hope one day y’all get another type of bullet, FMJ or anything because ordering the things I need all from one place helps out so much more. I’ve purchased brass from one place before but after finding y’all, I’ve only ordered through you. thanks again. – 11/08/13

Hello: this is the first time I’ve ordered from Top Brass Reloading. I received my order today-much sooner than I expected. I am extremely satisfied with my order and plan to order from you all in the future. Thank you very much! – 09/24/13

First time ordering from TBRS, but not the last! 9MM brass come quickly and other than 1 odd caliber and 5 unusable cases (out of 1000) the rest were perfect. All FC headstamp, no junk. Prices were good, service excellent and product is quality….OUTSTANDING! – 09/23/13

“Thank you, thank you so much for the superb customer service and high quality brass and bullets that I received. You guys go above and beyond of what you do and that will gain loyalty to your customers like I do to have a business with you time and time again.” – 09/08/13

“I have ordered from you several times and the brass I get from you is top notch stuff. Thank you for your great service and unbeatable prices. I look for to ordering from you again. I received the 2500 9mm brass today. I tell all my friends about your quality brass and they agree as they dip into my supply.” – 09/06/13

“Received my 45 brass this weekend, WOW looks almost better than most brand new factory ammo out of the box! I will definitely be placing orders again for both my pistols and my rifles! Thanks again for a wonder ordering, and shipping experience!” – 09/01/13

Jut received 2000 pieces of .45 brass, very clean and ready to go, and I am very pleased. “Once Fired” brass has become a generic term for any used brass but near as I could tell all of these are indeed once-fired cases with factory primers intact. Given these ridiculous times we’re in product and shipping prices were great!. Thanks very much!” – 06/11/13

“I received the brass and it was perfect. Just wanted to say thank you for the refund. With supply cost sky rocketing it’s nice to know that there is a company like yours that is honest with its customers. I would have never known that I paid extra shipping. I will certainly buy from you again and tell my friends about your company. Thanks again” – 04/18/13

“I recently ordered a lot of .40 cal and 9mm brass and it all came very fast and intact in all the boxes. What impressed me is that he gives you extra rather than short you like the other guys and the shipping rate is very fare price…thanks and I will be ordering from you again” – 02/20/13

“Just a thank you for the rapid service on a recent order I placed for 1000 9mm casings. The order was processed in a timely manner and the brass is high quality. Thanks and I will order from you again.” – 11/08/12

“Great service – received the brass tumbled and started loaded. What I expected – thanks for the service.” – 10/29/12

“Got the shipment of .38 Special brass and I want to say that it is the most beautiful “used” brass I have ever seen! I’m going to keep track of you guys! – 05/03/12

“Thank you for a great product & excellent service!” – 11/16/12

“Fast shipping and easy to work with. Thank you” – 1/01/11

“Got the brass quickly. Brass was very clean. I have ordered other places and this brass was the cleanest I have gotten yet.” – 02/28/10

“Excellent quality brass for reloading. Fast shipping and very secure packaging. Thank you and I hope can do business again soon!” – 03/25/10

“Will do business time n time again” – 02/29/09

Once fired brass

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