Once Fired .45 ACP Brass | Large Primer

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5 customer reviews for Once Fired .45 ACP Brass | Large Primer
  • High quality once fired LARGE PRIMER¬†.45 ACP brass
  • All quantities contain a mix of different manufacturers.
  • Machine sorted and hand inspected.
  • Available in Processed condition.
    • Processed : As close to new as possible.¬† Polished brass that has been deprimed, swaged and sized.
  • All Casings should be thoroughly inspected before use.



5 reviews for Once Fired .45 ACP Brass | Large Primer

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5 reviews for Once Fired .45 ACP Brass | Large Primer

  1. Don Goerner (verified owner)

    Ordered large primer .45 brass. So far I have come across 10 small primer casings. This is hard to spot when reloading and really makes primer seating a pain. I load these with small primers but it causes a major inconvenience when in the middle of a batch. Overall, though, the brass was in great shape.

  2. Bob Nelson (verified owner)

    Overall I was very pleased with the nickle plated once fired brass. I only rejected 1 case out of the 500 pieces. They were sized and clean. Hard to beat. When these have seen there limit after many reloads I will be back for more.

  3. Jack O (verified owner)

    Polished and loaded fine. One 40 cal. and one small primer in the bunch, but that’s ok because there were 526 correct cases in the 500 count pack.

  4. Mike Z (verified owner)

    Bright and shiny nickel, all in excellent condition. About 40 were small primer Federal cases I discovered while cleaning the pockets.

  5. Frank S.

    Great products when available. I have made Elite my number 1 source for brass.

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