Once Fired 9mm Brass

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18 customer reviews for Once Fired 9mm Brass

High quality Once Fired 9mm brass sourced from indoor shooting facilities.

  • All quantities contain a mix of different manufacturers and can include military casings.
  • Machine sorted and hand inspected.  Guaranteed over 99% usable plus an extra 3% added to each count.
  • Both yellow brass and nickel quantities available.  Select below!
  • Available in Polished, and Processed conditions.  Select below!
    • Polished : For the DIY reloader.  Great brass that has been cleaned and polished to a factory-like shine.
    • Processed : As close to new as possible.  Polished brass that has been deprimed, swaged and sized.
  • All casings should be inspected before loading.



18 reviews for Once Fired 9mm Brass

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18 reviews for Once Fired 9mm Brass

  1. Ronald Lovell (verified owner)

    I just finished processing all of my polished 9mm brass and am happy to report I only had to recycle 3 cases out of all of it. The only complaint I could come up with is that it is not all once fired, but it is rare to find one. Two of the cases that I recycled were maxxtech brass cases, with an internal wall to keep the bullet from setting back. Fair warning: Do not load maxxtech cases. The reduced volume increases pressures to dangerous levels, it is made to work with 1 bullet and 1 powder charge. Save your gun and recycle them. Back to the quality of the brass, the polished brass is very clean and needs no cleaning before sizing/de-priming. Shipping was very fast and at a reasonable price, I will only order brass from Elite Reloading, thanks guys for a great experience!

  2. Jimbo42 (verified owner)

    Received my order of polished 9mm brass a few days ago and am very pleased. The quantity was just 1 short and contained two 380 cases. Not unexpected for range brass. I lubed, sized/de-primed 100 cases and reloaded 50 with no problems noted. I will order again when I want some more. Good price, fast shipping.

  3. golfbtry211 (verified owner)

    These brass casings are great no scratches no dings whatsoever. This is my second time ordering 9mm casings and I will be reordering again in the future PROCCESED IS THE BEST WAY TO GO !!

  4. David (verified owner)

    I ordered 1,000 processed 9 mm once fired brass last week, they arrived within 3 to 4 days, which was so fast. It is my curiosity to see what they are, so I separated them by brands. here is the count: “Blazer (306), Federal (195), Winchester (140), Remington (117), CBC (61), and the rest are misc”. The total is 1,015. All brass look shinny and nice. They are processed (clean and de-primed), which save me lots of time for cleaning and preparation for reload. Thanks for Elite’s quick delivery, good price and quality. I’ll order more in the future.

  5. Brad Love (verified owner)

    I have ordered several thousand 9mm and have never been disappointed. After inspection I have always ended up with more than the amount purchased. Would and have recommend Elite reloading to anyone!

  6. mapesd (verified owner)

    Just finished reloading the last of the 3000 9mm polished cases I ordered from Elite using a Dillion 550b.
    Had a few .380 cases and maxxtech cases to sort out. Blazer, PMC, Win, and FC seemed to be the most common headstamps in this batch.
    Had quite a few GBW cases (about 10%), which were a pain due to crimped primers. These cases along with a few WCC and S&B needed to be swaged before going in the press.
    Otherwise, brass is clean and runs fine in my press.
    Just got my next order of 5000 9mm brass delivered to my door today (USPS Priority).

  7. Murray (verified owner)

    Bought 1000 all were in very good shape will be buying again from elite. Great company to buy from.

  8. P238 (verified owner)

    In the last year I have purchased 3000 45 acp large primer and about 5000 380 acp yellow brass polished and processed all orders have been excellent with roughly 3 to 5 casings of 9mm mixed in the 380 acp orders,no big deal,the counts are consistently 3 to 7 more casings than ordered and the brass is processed perfect for plinking and defense loads in my opinion.I have bought casings from a few other vendors and just keep returning to elite reloading theirs no reason for me to even bother shopping any where else at this point 5 stars across the board as far as Im concerned.

  9. Thomas Washington (verified owner)

    I bought 1000 unpolished cases. They’re all in great shape. I shined them up and have reloaded over 100 at this point. This was a great purchase and I will definitely be getting more.

  10. Gerald Kunselman (verified owner)

    Bought 3000 polished 9 MM brass and i am very pleased with the quick
    shipping and condition of the product. Thanks.

  11. dwaski (verified owner)

    I just finished priming my 9mm Processed brass (1000ct) and I couldn’t be happier! All the brass looked great with only a few unusable casings. Luckily, Elite throws in a couple extra with each batch to make up for any unforeseen defects. Like other reviewers stated, Processed is the way to go. It’s a small difference in price that saves you a TON of time. I’ll be buying from Elite Reloading Supplies again.

  12. Edwin L Daugherty (verified owner)

    I’ve never been disappointed in ELITE you get more than you expected, good product at excellent prices.

  13. Stuart Ashton (verified owner)

    I ordered 5k 9mm once fired polished cases on TUE 6AUG19. They arrived on FRI 9AUG19 to my front porch. On WED 14AUG19 I began the process of inspecting, resizing and punching primers. Working during cooler hours I complete this task on 19AUG19. In that effort I found one (1) single 40 S&W and five (5) random 380s. The rest were all 9mm and usable. My estimate indicates that I received about 5% over but this is by weight and not count. There was no junk and I got more than I paid for.

    I have been using Elite Reloading brass for a few years now and I am always satisfied. The service is excellent and the product is uniformly great. Additionally, the price is right!

    I will order again without hesitation. Thank you Elite.

  14. MarkW68 (verified owner)

    I placed an order for 1k processed 9mm cases. They arrived quickly, well packaged and ready to inspect/load. I checked each case for major defects (found one (1) case that was split), ran them through an abbreviated prep process and loaded them with my M7 Revolution. Everything went very smoothly and I was through the 1k fast & clean! The only bad case was the one (1) split case I found during my initial inspection. I would say that’s pretty awesome. I was able to determine (via the Revolution round counter) that I actually received 1027 cases. So, that was nice.

    I’ve been a fan of Elite Reloading for awhile now and I will continue to use them whenever I can. Great pricing, quality product and fast shipping. It’s a no brainer…especially the processed brass.

  15. Ray L (verified owner)

    Ray L
    I have been buying Elites processed 9mm brass for over a year now and I am 100 per cent satisficed with the quality. They always ship promptly. The processed brass makes my Dillon 650 run with almost no hitches. Used to have a problem with de-prime but no more. all I can say is buy it you’ll like it.

  16. Kevin (verified owner)

    Out of 11,000 pieces of the polished 9mm brass I ordered and loaded, I only had 2 .380s and 1 38 super. That’s pretty top notch QC for that amount and the price. I used to order from the brass exchange and would have up to 30 pieces of .380 or 38super per 1,000. I highly recommend elite reloading and will definitely be buying from them for my future 9mm and .40 loads

  17. Robert Houser (verified owner)

    Ordered my first order or 500 9 mm loaded 250 so far no bad casings , great price and quick delivery of a great product .

  18. Trace Doty (verified owner)

    I have been ordering from Elite Reloading for about 5 years now. .380, 9mm, 38spl. & 357 mag.. All brass has been in very good shape. Ordering is easy & shipping is fast via USPS Priority. Will be ordering more 9mm soon. Keep up the great work Elite. Your service is greatly appreciated!

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