What Can You Do With Your Once Fired Brass?

It’s a question many gun enthusiasts have asked themselves at one point or another. So, what do I do with all of these used gun casings?

Many won’t put much thought into it. They’ll simply sweep that brass into a pile at the range and leave it there. Although, there are some more creative options than the lazy route.

If you fancy yourself artistic, just take a peek at Etsy or Instagram and look up ‘brass shell art’. It’s pretty incredible what people are using their spent cartridges to create. From jewelry and cuff links to portraits (check out David Palmer’s work) and lamps – there really is life after ammunition.

This is kind of the more obvious route. Many people will just collect their brass in buckets and sell or trade it. Know a guy that likes to reload? Maybe you can trade him for some beer. Or many people just continue the ammunition cycle by selling their brass at a scrap yard for cash to buy more ammunition. Really, the choice is yours.

There are many advantages to reloading your used brass. The most impactful is the savings. As new gun owners quickly learn, shooting can be quite expensive. Reloading your own ammunition has an immediate impact on your wallet.

 Outside of cost, enthusiasts will also have the option of customizing their loads based on whether they like to shoot at targets or live game. Depending on your level of commitment, this can be a pretty attractive advantage. 

Lastly, let’s face it. Plain and simple – reloading is fun.

We may be a little biased – but we think that’s the biggest selling point.

Once fired brass

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