Five New Gun Models on the Market

Thinking about updating your arsenal? Here’s a look at some of the more interesting new gun models on the market this year.

IWI Tavor TS12 Bullpup Shotgun

Not only would the TS12 not look out of place on the deserts of Tatooine – it’s got the force behind it to match. This new model is a gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun that features a staggering amount of ammo capacity. This bullpup also comes with a unique feature that automatically pops a round into the chamber once the subsequent loaded tube is rotated into position. It can be fed and reloaded from either side, making it perfect for all you lefties.

Browning Buck Mark Plus Lite Fluted UFX Suppressor Ready

This gun just looks like a fun time at the range. This suppressor-ready .22 features an ultra-lightweight Lite UFX barrel and a Picatinny rail for added accessories and optics.

Colt Night Cobra

The classic Colt Cobra is now available in a carry-ready format, and the Night Cobra looks as sleek as its name. The matte black coating over stainless steel offers more than just good looks – it allows maximum corrosion resistance, convenient for a gun that’s designed for day-to-day carry.

Taurus Raging Hunter

This formidable-looking model is sure to turn some heads at the range. This .44 magnum, 6-shot revolver features cushioned insert grips that cut down on recoil and makes using the gun a surprisingly comfortable experience for a gun of this caliber.

Inland Manufacturing M30-IMP

This pistol is a compact version of Inland Manufacturing’s well-known full-size .30 Carbine line. But just because it’s compact doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. The .30 Carbine Motor Patrol Pistol not only looks intimidating, but its compact design and robust specs make it versatile enough to be as viable as a self-defense option as it is on the range.

Regardless if you’re sticking by your old standbys or adding some new pieces to your arsenal this year, Elite Reloading is your most trusted source of once-fired brass, bullets, primers, and powders.

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