International Orders

Elite Reloading Supplies is licensed by the U.S. Department of State to ship orders to foreign customers in most countries. We have teamed up with experienced shipping companies who provide many ocean and air shipment options.

  • Orders are subject to 10% Export Fee (Minimum of $50.00 USD).
  • We export all of our products, including both Once-Fired Brass and bullets.
  • Destination country must be approved by the U.S. State Department. Ammunition components cannot be exported to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and some others. Please check with us to make sure we can export to your country.
  • Destination country must accept the importation of ammunition components. Please check with your local authorities.
  • An “Import Authorization” may be required (see below).
  • A “Purchase Order” is required (see below).
  • Process can take one to four weeks.

Please contact us to place an order, or for additional information, email or call 1-844-230-1911.

Import Authorization

An Import Authorization, comprised of either an original permit or an original certificate issued by the foreign government authorizing the import of specified items, must accompany each application. An Import Authorization normally contains an official signature, government seal, and the validity period of the transaction. This is not to be confused with a business license issued by the foreign government to firearms dealers or with a government authorization for individuals to own or carry a firearm. This information is to be supplied as a copy of the original document or certified copy of a duly-issued Import Authorization and must be maintained in the applicant’s file. “Certified Copy” means a copy of an original document certified by a competent official bearing the statement “certified copy,” an original signature, seal of the certificate, and date of certification. Import Authorizations may only be used once. The complete authorization must be fulfilled in one-license application. The information on the Import Authorization should match the information listed on the export application and the purchase order. A written explanation is required for any application that does not include an Import Authorization (e.g., letter from importing government stating the item does not require an Import Authorization; end-user statement stating no Import Authorization is required). English translations must be provided for foreign language documents.

NOTE : Digital (including scanned) images of Import Authorizations that have been signed and/or stamped are accepted and can be emailed.

Purchase Order/Confirm Order

A copy of a purchase order from the foreign party identified as the ultimate foreign end-user on the application, addressed to the applicant, signed by that foreign party, specifying the type of firearm, caliber, quantity, dollar value, make/model, end-use and end-user of the article must accompany each application. The purchase order must be a firm commitment and not speculative. U.S. company invoices/pro forma invoices are not acceptable. English translations must be provided for foreign language documents. The quantity listed on the license cannot be greater than the purchase order. Using a purchase order more than once is unacceptable. Purchase orders with dates older than one year will not be accepted; a recent purchase order must be submitted with the application. Letters of intent or blanket orders are not acceptable.

Due to high demand we are out of stock of many items. Never fear, more bullets and Once Fired Brass will be available within the next few days. Sign up for our newsletter below to be notified when products are available. SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS CAN TAKE UP TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.