Safety Tips for Turkey Season

Misty mornings. A thermos full of hot, black coffee. Brisk, morning air on your face. It’s the most wonderful time of the year: turkey season. We all want to bag a turkey, but there’s one thing you have to keep at the forefront of your mind: safety. Here are a few ways you can keep yourself and your fellow hunters safe while you’re on the hunt.

Always tell someone where you’re going.

This is an important step. Always let a family member or friend in on your plans–where exactly you’ll be hunting, when you plan on arriving, and when you plan on leaving. This habit can be a lifesaver in case of unfortunate accidents or getting lost.

Avoid red, white, and blue clothing or gear.

We’re all patriots at heart, but don’t let these colors bring your downfall. These are the same colors that are located on a turkey’s head and the very same colors that hunters train their eyes on.

Always double-check your target.

When you’re at a distance, things can get tricky. Always double-check your target to verify that it’s not something you don’t want to hit, and never shoot based on sound alone. You’ll also want to make sure you have a clear enough vantage point that you can see behind the turkey, as well as off to the sides of the bird.

Always assume there are other hunters in your area.

It’s best to be overly cautious. If you’re unsure or suspect that there are other hunters located in your area, don’t be afraid to call out to them. Even if it messes up your hunting or tracking, or theirs, it’s best to verify that there are no hunters near you before you shoot.

As always, continue to educate yourself and deepen your knowledge of safety while dealing with guns. Take some time to read our blog on reloading safety as well. Reloading and hunting are both fun hobbies, but they take a little more caution and education than most other endeavors. So, have fun out there, and good luck. Most importantly, stay safe.

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