Once Fired .30-06 Brass

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  • Premium .30-06 brass sourced from indoor shooting facilities.
  • All commercial casings.  Quantities do not contain military 7.62x54mm.
  • Machine sorted and hand inspected.  Guaranteed over 99% usable plus an extra 3% added to each count.
  • Both yellow brass and nickel quantities available.  Select below!
  • Available in Unpolished and Polished conditions.  Select below!
    • Unpolished :  For the DIY reloader.  Great once fired brass that is ready to be cleaned and loaded!
    • Polished : Ready for the press.  Same great brass that has been cleaned and polished to a factory-like shine.
  • Larger discounted quantities available.  Email us herefor bulk pricing.
  • Orders are usually shipped using USPS Priority Mail within 2-3 business days with tracking information.



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