The Elite Difference

Elite Reloading was founded by a reloader just like you. While training for IPSC and USPSA events, Jon Himler started searching for a high-quality once-fired brass vendor that offered their reloading supplies at an affordable cost. He was disappointed.

Jon also noticed that many others were searching for the same product at a reasonable price as he was. No one could find a vendor that fulfilled this need. So, Jon decided to take matters into his own hands…

And No, He Didn’t Jump the Gun

This is when Jon founded Elite Reloading Supplies. He began connecting with top-quality once-fired brass suppliers and developing his own painstaking process that ensured that each every piece of brass that left his operation would meet the same rigorous standards he sought.

Elite Reloading started by selling reloading brass at state, regional, and national shooting competitions. His quality of work and commitment to superior customer service paid off – the business quickly grew and Jon began selling to the general public by the end of that year. Along the way, Jon was also able to pull together a team that was just as passionate about reloading as he was. Now, Elite Reloading has become a well-established family business, selling commercial grade, once-fired brass to customers across the globe.

What Sets Us Apart

All of our once-fired brass is carefully sourced. We only source brass from indoor ranges, so the casings will have little to no tarnishing. Our quality control tests prove that over 99% of our casings are in top condition for reloading. Each member of our team uses the same products we sell to you in their own reloading practices. Our products pass the test because they’re the only ones that our own team would use.

Elite Reloading is marked by unmatched customer service. We stand behind our brand, and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, then we promise you a 100% replace or refund guarantee. We aren’t going to be happy unless you are. So, give us a shot!

Once fired brass

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